Reason #8 – Female on Male Rape

*Disclaimer: This post does not intend to lower the validity or pain that is caused by other forms of sexual abuse. This post was written in light of the lack of awareness around the prevalence of male sexual abuse caused by women.*

Every once and awhile on reddit there is an askreddit post that is different than the same 50 questions that get asked every day. This was one of those questions. 

In this society, we seen men as strong, able, and sexual. If a guy isn’t interested in having sex with a beautiful woman who is interested, they are considered to be off intelligently and get pushed to the side. If a girl forces herself upon a guy, the male is seen as ‘lucky for getting someone who is interested’, when in reality, the male who has experienced this is now questioning not only his view of himself as a man but also his trust in women.

This redditor tells his story of how his trust in the opposite sex was seen as a joke and an accomplishment by his peers. Did you read that? Read his story again and see the failure in not only his friends, but also the woman in question here.

It’s one problem that women are taking advantage of men sexually, but another major issue amongst this is that law enforcement and authority is so biased for the women that no one takes the male who has been harmed seriously. There are countless stories online of law enforcement discarding male sexual abuse cases in favour of the women. Here are just a few examples. What is even worse is that the law is so skewed towards women and sexual abuse that even if a woman is pressed charges, it can easily be reversed. If the sexual abuse happens with no protection, the man may even have to pay child support for a child they had no desire to be a part of making.

This is proof that not only has society created such ingrained gender roles that skew the law and equality on gender, but that women can take advantage of this and hurt other men, not just stealing their finances for selfish gain, but also their own dignity and self identity. Countless stories posted by redditors on various threads similar to the one posted above, and they all show that women can take advantage of a man, and even say if they struggle, the woman will cry rape and all support will be pushed towards the female party, disregarding any evidence against it and any pain and trauma that the male is experiencing.

Female on male rape is prevalent in our modern society, and the law is in the women’s favour, this needs to change. Luckily, laws are becoming more ambiguous to not be so black and white on the gender that the perpetrator is. The attitudes of certain criminal investigators are starting to become less male dominant and less blind eyed. But that doesn’t change the fact that there is still very little acceptance or awareness of what happens to 1 in 6 guys in college campuses.

Something needs to happen, before it gets worse.


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