Reason #10 – Killing Babies Out Of Fear

So let’s talk about how culture ruins the good of people. If you are so scared of making a mistake, then you are so scared of the consequences that you are drawn towards inhumane actions. Such as this person here.


Sarah Leung was sentenced for five years for killing her two babies. This wasn’t any normal kind of infanticide though.

Giving birth twice in the bathroom of her parents’ home before wrapping each baby in plastic, she left one propped against a neighbour’s house in the spring of 2009, while she threw the second, born less than a year later, in the trash. The fear of the judgement and rejection of her parents because of her choices is what brought this to such horrible outcomes.

No child should be denied its existence because of social fears in a family. This is as dark as it could be. The parents should be just as harshly punished for such little acceptance of their daughter.


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