Reason #12 – How changing a font can change the entire message of your brand

It’s amazing how much colour and shape make us perceive things differently. For example, most people see the colour red as a sign of urgency and emergency, this is why stop signs and stop lights are red, same with red tags indicating a sale on an item. It’s basic colour psychology. The shape of something does this as well, we are more likely to engage with something that looks easy to use and fun rather than a complicated piece of equipment that we have no knowledge of how to use.

Observe how effectively this changes the meaning by just changing the font and colours of this design.

Evernote Camera Roll 20141024 224040

Look how dirty the look becomes! The fact that the mind instantly notices the change and identifies one as childish and fun and the other as fun, just shows how humanity thinks. If it wants to think dirty, it will, and there is no pure, unaltered state. Humanity sucks because we can turn everything into some sort of dirty joke, it doesn’t keep clean or proper in any sense, it’s natural state is animalistic and self indulging.

And that is kinda gross and selfish of us.


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