Reason #3 – Burnt Burgers

There is nothing worse than excitedly waiting for a tasty meal filled with cheese, bacon, lettuce and all that good stuff, and when you get it, it tastes like a demon born out of hell with a vendetta to get you.

Your anticipation turns to anguish as you question wether or not you should continue eating it because you are hungry, or if you should just stop because it tastes so bad. That inner conflict makes you become less talkative, and your friends eating with you are enjoying their food and don’t even notice you questioning wether you should complain or if you should just deal with it. All because one chef decided ‘ah well, it’s good enough’

That’s depraved man.


Reason #2 – Gold Diggers

Greed is rampant and it’s become apparent that not everyone is going to succeed in today’s idealist world. So instead of trying to make your living on your own, you can have it handed to you through a gold ring and a simple ceremony.

Just think, just donate all your money towards a charity in hopes of meeting one of said billionaires, and you could have a chance in being the same bed with them! The rich sure are lonely people.

People have tried to make this into a science, you can actually buy DVD’s and go to seminars on how to marry a billionaire.

As if money was the best thing you could get your hands on, but don’t worry, it comes free with a  side of being depraved.